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 The Grate Domenic Italian Rice Balls.

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Domenic Pappalardo


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PostSubject: The Grate Domenic Italian Rice Balls.   Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:51 am

Italians make these in the form of a cone...I amke mine in the form of a ball.

Things you need: These items will depend on how may rice ball you want to make.

1) eggs.
2) floor
3) Italian bread crumbs.
4) rice
5) a good Italian Pasta sauce

How to cook:
cook the rice, and chill it in the freg.
Mix pasta sauce with the rice. the amount of sauce that will allow the rice balls to hold together...tomuch sauce and the balls will fall apart.
Heat about 1/4" of oil in a frying pan.
Roll the rice balls in the floor.
Beat the eggs real good in a bowl.
Dip the rice ball with the floor into the eggs.
Roll the rice balls around in the Italian bread crumbs.
Fry them in the oil. roll them around until the outside is crisp.

Eating these wonderful Italian rice balls. These babies tast great hot, or cold.

WARNING...If there are two, or more other people in the room as you are cooking, eat some of the rice balls as you are cooking them. If you don't, you will find there are none left when you are done cooking, and you will be left with a big mess to clean up. Oh, I almost forgot...a good red wine with the Great Italian rice balls.

Reason the Italians use a cone shape. They are easy to roll around in the oil, and can be stood on the flat end of the cone to cook that part. I don't use the cone shape because i'm lazy, and whatever shape they are in, round, or cone...they tast the same.

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The Grate Domenic Italian Rice Balls.
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