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 Coming Soon

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PostSubject: Coming Soon   Coming Soon EmptyThu Nov 20, 2014 2:53 pm

Wanted to give a big "Thanks" to Brenda for reading my first novel attempt, "The Eleventh Message." Been out of town for awhile so haven't responded. Thanks, Brenda! I've added the rights page and reconstructed the first chapter (again). I'm waiting for the revised proof now.
As for new stuff, I'm currently doing research on two projects, "Return Flight" and "The Dutchman's Secret." Don't know which I'll start first. Probably the one that grabs me in the research phase. "Return Flight" is about a passenger plane that disappears without a trace, then reappears four years later on its same flight path. On board is someone or something related to the Dead Sea Scrolls. "The Dutchman's Secret" revolves around something in the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine that is more valuable than gold and more concerning to the past and future of mankind.
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Brenda Hill, Admin
Brenda Hill, Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Coming Soon   Coming Soon EmptyFri Nov 21, 2014 9:57 pm

Glad you're back, Ken. It looks as if you're coming right along on getting your novels published. That's quite a job, so congratulations!

"The professional writer is the amateur who didn't quit." Richard Bach

Brenda Hill
L. Cooper Press
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Coming Soon
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