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 The Plague

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Abe F. March

Abe F. March

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PostSubject: The Plague   The Plague EmptySat Nov 22, 2014 9:39 am

It is reported that the Plague has hit Madagascar. It is believed that the cause is attributed to them using ancient hygiene methods, i.e., where they continue to throw their garbage out the window and into the streets. We thought the plague was a thing of the past only to realize how it can return. Refugees wish to stick together as a group and continue with the customs of their country of origin. Throwing garbage out of the window is simply not acceptable or tolerated in Germany. Orientation in the form of education is required of all refugees and asylum seekers. If they want to live in any land, they must acclimate and adjust. We know that disease can be carried in various forms. The US has strict controls on agricultural products being carried or imported. Insects can be introduced in the form of larvae clinging to fruit. Other forms of disease can be carried by humans. With the Ebola outbreak, we learned much about how disease can be transmitted and the incubation period required for detection. Our history tells us about the transmission of disease by early settlers to America and how it wiped out entire tribes. We have learned much since that time and therefore must remain on guard against the introduction and/or spread of disease.
Polio, a disease thought to be eradicated, is said to be making a comeback.

I’m convinced that disease in the form of a virus is a weapon that terrorists will soon use.
Hygiene is our best form of defense and that begins with each of us.
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The Plague
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