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Brenda Hill, Admin
Brenda Hill, Admin

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PostSubject: Disappointed   Disappointed EmptySun Nov 02, 2014 2:20 pm

A few days ago I spent around ten dollars for two of Stephen King's ebooks, which I don't normally do. Seldom will I spend over three dollars for an ebook, maybe four, but I wanted a good scare, so despite my caution, I bought them. I should have known.

While I love his movies, I'm not thrilled with his written work. I enjoyed Carrie and Misery, but still liked the movies better. But I subscribe to a couple of ereader sites, and the other day they highlighted two of his books I hadn't heard about and they sounded interesting. I bought them. I should've checked further. While interesting but not page-turners, I discovered each ebook held two short stories, and one ended so mildly I didn't even realize it had ended.

Never again. I'll wait for the movie version.

Just so you'll know. The first one was evidently made into a tv movie, so not everyone agrees with me:

Big Driver

A Good Marriage
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